Doces Sabores

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I recommend Doces Sabores – Highly Recommended

​There are two kinds of restaurants – those with a selective cuisine, where you pay the pleasure of eating, and the common ones, where you eat at normal prices, sometimes with pleasure.

Well, there’s another very rare kind of restaurants, where you may eat selective food with pleasure at a reasonable price.

Those are the restaurants, that, for sure, deserve a detour, or even an express trip.

Doces Sabores is one of tem!

Situated out of everything, in IC2, about 10 Km south of Batalha, and at the same distance east of Alcobaça, this is a discreet and unknown restaurant, that deserves a plan to stop there for lunch or dinner.

Portuguese and international food very well prepared and presented, at a popular price, is the best combination. They got it.

Doces Sabores
Doces Sabores

Notice: In my last visits I noticed that they are trying to attract the workers in the area, which means lowering prices, and degrading service. I had a terrible experience, with great confusion and very slow service, but in the following two visits everything seemed back to normal.

Favorite Dish: My last request to the chief: “Bring something that you like”. What else do I need?

Directions: In the exit of IC 2 to Ataíja de Cima

Facebook: Doces

To see Cabouqueiro

Visiting Ataíja
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​​In a village in the middle of one of the most explored areas of Portuguese stones, Ataíja is obviously linked to that art.

Near the football field, a big statue celebrates, since 2008, the worker that applies bulk stone in basic construction.

More that that, the village is common… with a restaurant…