Guarda district

Guarda district

To see My favorites in Guarda district:

 ** Very interesting:
       Serra da Estrela
       Vila Nova de Fozcoa

  * Interesting
       Figueira Castelo Rodrigo
       Castelo Mendo
       Barca d’Alva   

With time:
       Avô, Cabeça, Fundão  

The northeast region of Portugal, composing the touristy area of “Montanhas (mountains)”, shows a fine scenery and unspoiled countryside.

Guarda, is the highest city in Portugal, and its highlights are the small medieval villages and mainly Serra da Estrela, the highest range of mountains, rising up to nearly 2000 meters, and the only winter resort in the country.

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Guarda district – Serra da Estrela

Estrela mountain (Serra da Estrela)

There is always “another reason” to visit this mountain, but snow is its top attraction.

The only place in Portugal where snow is a little more then a quickly fading vestige, Serra da Estrela has our only skiing facilities (and now using also artificial snow). But even for those that don’t practice those sports, it’s a place frequently visited or to feel the intense cold that we are not used to, or to play in the snow. Sku is a neologism used to refer sliding in the snow on a plastic bag. And thousands of children (and adults) had days of fun practicing sku.

Guarda district
Guarda cathedral


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Linhares da Beira

Linhares da Beira

Pizzaria Pão Quente


At the edge of Serra da Estrela, Seia lives to and from the mountain.

It is a good place to stay, to eat, and to use as a base to the many programs in the highest mountain of Portugal.

Sometimes, snow descends to town, but is rare and quickly disappearing.

However, in winter, it is never too far…