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Doubtful impression Adega Velha

I had two meals in this restaurant, a favorite place to a friend of mine. The first time it was a terrible lunch, where we arrived at 1 Pm to start eating past 4 PM. Price and quality were only reasonable, and I couldn’t understand why to make 100 Km expressly to go there again. But I did! Friends are friends.This time it was a dinner, and things were better (we were the only customers, and that made all the difference). Once again a reasonable meal, this time a nice reception and service, and price as expected.

Nothing to complaint, but we could have that dinner in a closer place. The restaurant is very typical (that’s, maybe, what attracts my friend, with a tavern at the entrance where the owner and friends sometimes sing local songs that became UNESCO heritage. A pleasant touch.

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Adega Velha
Mourão – Adega Velha