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Lousã is a small town in central Portugal, with a natural beauty, but out of the main tourist circuits, being a good destination to the seekers of nature.


Arouce Castle

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his small castle, with lots of history since the 11th century, was ruined by a legend that said there were treasures hidden on it.

​ Declared a national monument in 1910, it as been object of several recuperation, becoming, today, an interesting visit, in forested and cool hills.

Piedade Chapel

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Located close to the castle, this small chapel is the result of a recuperation, done in the 19th century, of a very old ruin.

Almost Natural Pools

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A simple and smart device in a river by the castle was used to make an artificial pool, in a natural environment, with a natural look.

​We found it open and empty, but got an idea how pleasant it may become in the hot summer days.

Alameda Carlos Reis

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Inside town, we saw a park with some facilities and a small luna park, but our goal was the castle and didn’t stop.

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