To see Arganil – not only rallies

Famous for the dramatic roads across the forests that are the highlights of Portuguese rally, this remote city gathers some of the most preserved natural landscapes (now severely damaged by the fires in 2017).

Hard to reach because of the difficult winding roads, it is not a common destination for those who don’t appreciate car racing.

​I´m one of those…


S. Pedro chapel

The oldest monument in Arganil is this small chapel, located at the north entrance of town.

It was built in the 13th century, and it was designed for the funerary chapel of the owners, which would not happen (they were buried in Santarém).

The interior remains undressed, reason why the visit (only possible asking the key to the keeper) has a reduced interest.

The most curious is its construction in loose stones, with local origin, only using masonry in the arches and wedges.