Passing by Milfontes

Vn milfontes

To see Milfontes

Maybe the most “urban” beach in the coast of Alentejo, Vila Nova de Milfontes allows people to choose from the open sea, or the quiet mouths of Mira river.

​It’s mainly used for private housing, and… would you believe that, while I was in vacation in PhuketThailand, someone insisted with me, trying to sell me an apartment there?



V. N. de Milfontes is mainly a dwelling point to Portuguese.

Hardly built with villas and apartments, with a few hotels, it is a family’s destination, taking advantage of the calm beaches in the mouth of Mira river. 

​For those preferring stronger emotions the Atlantic coast is rougher, but… colder.

“Vicentina” coast

​Wild Coast

Either north or south of the city, the coast is wild, with dramatic landscapes, and nice secluded beaches. 

​The sea is cold and generally rough, but travelling along the coast is a wonderful contact with nature.

Though a little longer, this is the most beautiful road to Algarve.