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I recommend Casarão  – Good lunch

Lunch was the purpose of our stop in Ferreira, with the constraints of a baby in the group.

​It happened that we were the only customers in a wide and nice restaurante, becoming the center of the owner’s attentions.

He explained us that we were the last family to be served there, because the restaurant will be reserved for groups in the future.

However, he explained us that he was opening a new space for isolated clientes in the park, a few meters away.​

Casarão - Ferreira
Casarão – Ferreira

The food matched the sympathy of the owners, and we had delicious typical food from Alentejo, served with gentleness and the professionalism of someone betting in quality. PS: A surprise – Maybe because we were the only customers, we didn’t notice the usual slowness of Alentejo Note – We went there again, but the restaurant was closed. the owners now explore the bar in the garden and we went there. The same sympathy, but not the same kitchen: light meals and… that’s all. A pity…