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Passadi?os do Paiva

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A secret - Entrance
A secret in Passadiços do Paiva

The pleasant walk along the walkways is made difficult by the need to climb about 100 meters at about 2 km from one of the ends.
There is a solution known by the locals: At the top of this climb is the ticket office, with discreet access for cars, but no parking. The trick is to leave your car in the exit parking lot, and take a taxi to that point, saving you the effort of going uphill.
You’ll also save a few cents, as the taxi journey between extremes (indispensable, unless you risk the 16 km round trip on foot) is shorter.

This trick was explained by the taxi driver that took me from one end to the other. He is named Joaquim Barbosa, and let me his phone numbers, that may be useful to you – 913299128 or 963890642.