Memories of Torres Novas

Torres novas

Personal memories Memories of Torres Novas

Rainy days​​

The weather!

Torres Novas is in a hot area, with a good weather and not much rain.

I had to be unlucky – after several times postponing the decision to review Torres Novas (where I was not going for more than 40 years) the decision came in… a rainy day.

​This means that I need to return in a better day.

​Not difficult!

Dancing… always

Memories of Torres Novas
Memories of Torres Novas – dancing

I don’t know how many times I went to Torres Novas, not interested in seeing the city, because I always had something more important to do.

Dance took me there one day, with downtime between fittings needing to be filled in.

I was finally able to devote some attention to the city.

Thanks, dance.