Night in Lisbon

Night in Lisbon

Packing advices ​A secret only for you


Don’t tell anybody that you knew by me, because I will deny it!

This is a secret only for Portuguese – and only for the elected ones!


There are many (good and bad) places where tourists may change a handful of Euro notes for a dinner and a Fado experience.​

There are also some popular bars and restaurants, where locals and tourists share the feelings of amateur fado. 

​Which ones are the best? My expert friends have no doubt: NINI.

Each Thursday night, fado is real. Since it is a amateur meeting, sometimes we have the better, sometimes… the other, but all of them singing with true passion and for passion.

Best of all, the food is good, at a normal price. Reservation is recommended on Thursdays.

Address: Rua D. Francisco Manuel de Melo, 36, near the top of Pq. Eduardo VII

Phone: 351 965 282 303

​Be a Portuguese


Dining at a fado restaurant may be a tourist trap.

Portuguese fado lovers use to have dinner somewhere else, in a chosen restaurant, and go to the fado houses later in the night, eating a light snack with a glass of wine, so joining two advantages: eating better, and saving good money.