To do in Turquel


Leiria Roller hockey

 If it happens to you passing trough Turquel in a weekend, look at the sports center. Maybe you have the chance to see very… very small children rolling seriously as adults, in one of the best schools in the entire world (and…remember, also with a ballroom dance school, where this friend of yours shows all the youth of his 62… I mean… 71 now).

In 26th August 2012 we celebrated the 50 years of the club, with a game by the same players that inaugurated it in 1962. I tried, but… dancing is safer now, so I decided to be the referee.

​And to dance, of course.

The celebration continued in June 2014, closing with the publication of the “Gold Book” of the club.​

​PS – Please, don’t criticise the author – it took me almost two years of hard work.

​Ballroom Dancing


Leiria Healthy, funny, and open to all the family! What else should we demand for a nightlife event?

Twice a week (Monday and Friday) a few dozens of people of all ages gather in the club to learn ballroom dancing.

The more advanced or daring are already in competition, the other, for the moment, only share the fun, and learn.

I’m the eldest, and, with Fernanda, we risk to become regional champions (respect, OK?) because… we compete with our shades.​ The fun and social interaction goes far beyond twice a week and… excuse-me: I have to stop writing and go back to practicing for next Saturday competition in Abrantes.

Many Saturdays, many competitions gone, and dancing keeps being a pleasant and healthy solution for the night.

Address: Hoquei Clube de Turquel

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Leiria Once the big pretext to join the community, these celebrations serve, today, for the emigrants revive their past in their birth place.

However, the youth keeps having fun, and in St. Anthony’s celebration (June 12th) there’s also a brave guy to climb the post and grab the big cake (and sometimes something else) atop of it.

​ Fun is also the mean to contribute to several social objectives.