Consolação – Orthopedic

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To see Orthopedic” beach

 Located a few kilometers south of Peniche this village is known for its high level of iodine, frequented by people with orthopedic problems.

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Consolação – North beach


A long sandy stripe stretching from the fort to Peniche , is a very popular beach, while, south of the fort the coast becomes rocky and wild.

​However both sides are widely used – the sand to general beach dwellers, the rocks to sun bathing with high levels of iodine.



Built in the 15th century, the fort was destroyed by Lisbon earthquake, in 1755, and rebuilt a few years later, with a smaller size.

​Lost its military interest it was recovered and used first a institution for children’s holidays ruled by nuns, and since 1974 housing the local recreational association.



Consolação – Fortress slopes