Visiting Caldas da Rainha

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​​To see Caldas da Rainha is a commercial town, quickly growing around the thermal hospital built centuries ago by queen D. Leonor.

With nothing very special to see, Caldas stays in the middle of several serious attractions, only a few minutes from Óbidos, Alcobaça, Nazaré or S. Martinho do Porto, being a good alternative for lodging.

​Using its tradition in ceramics, some museums appeared deserving a visit.

Furthermore, if you have sense of humor, after buying a pack of “cavacas das Caldas”, a typical cake, enter one shop and ask for the most traditional piece of Caldas ceramic.

A warning – Leave the kids at the door and be prepared…


Malhoa museum

The greatest of Portuguese humorists, Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro, inspired his son that opened a factory producing his father creations, and more.

​The factory shop is also a museum that really deserves to be seen, on weekdays from 10 AM to 7 PM, at the street with the same name.

Also interesting in more classical ceramic works, is Museu da Cerâmica, in Rua dr Ilídio Amado, opened till 5 PM with a lunch break.​

Last but not least Museu José Malhoa, in the park, shows sculpture, ceramics and paintings from XIX and XX centuries, with evidence to Jose Malhoa himself and… …forgive me, this is private – my grand uncle, Sousa Lopes.

​Nossa Senhora do Pópulo

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My shame!

After 60 years living in the area I needed a friend marrying there to discover this small but wonderful church.

It was built in 1500 included in the thermal hospital, it mixes Gothic with Mudejar and Manueline styles.

​The bell tower is fabulous.

​Hospital Museum

Hospital museum
Hospital museum

Yes, shame on me!

I didn’t know that the thermal hospital had a museum, and was surprised by its yards and garden, during my friends’ marriage.

Nice area, putting me the question: what will they display inside?

​If you manage to enter before me, please let me know!

​Five jets fountain

Five jets fountain
Five jets fountain

In the 18th century, king João V ordered the construction of three fountains.

​This one, located near the hospital, was the most important, in Baroque style.

Fruit market

Caldas da Rainha