More about Batalha

More about Batalha

To see Free your imagination

The splendor of Batalha is a challenge to each one’s imagination.

​ A Canadian couple (hello Klaudia and Joe) used Virtual Tourist to know something about the place, and we ended meeting in Nazaré and going there together.

They sure enjoyed the cathedral, and Joe surprised me, showing that, no matter how well you know a place, there is always a new angle to explore.

​PS – I would like to see that photo in VT, but, VT was gone and the photo didn’show…


Travelling around

Around Batalha, and in a short distance, there are lots of interesting things to see.

As the monastery only takes a couple of hours to visit, Batalha is generally visited in a larger trip that includes AlcobaçaFátima and Nazaré.

​For transport reasons, staying in Leiria is also common.