Visiting Azoia


To see Visiting Azoia

A couple of kilometres south of Leiria, and almost linked to it by many commercial and industrial ​pavilions, Azoia is a common village, combining agriculture with the opportunities of the neighbouring city.

Casarão, a restaurant dedicated to banquets, is also a good solution for those who want a good meal without entering the city.

Visiting Azoia - Church
Azoia – Church


With no significant elements, the church dates from 1822, rebuilt after the 1755 earthquake and the other “earthquake” that were the French invasions.

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Azoia – Farms


With predominantly agricultural activity, the modest aspect of the village in general, reveals some sober buildings that are very representative of the architecture of the region.

Azoia – Walkway

White elephant?

Azoia is crossed by the IC2, and the heavy traffic forced a pedestrian crossing to be built. Perhaps because of the distance between the accesses, I don’t remember ever seeing anyone using it.