Alfeizerão – Pão de ló

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Shopping The best Pão de ló (?)

Everywhere you go in Portugal you will find the best… something. In Alfeizerão you may taste the best “pão-de-ló”, a traditional cake with eggs. It’s good, really, but don’t dare to mention it in Ovar, where they “surely” make the best… that!

​Well, it is only the mandatory regional competition north-south, each one of the places having “the best” in their areas.

To be honest, I can find no noticeable difference between them (Shut up – the best is, of course, the one that you taste), the real difference is that Ovar is a city with many activities, where the cake is just one more detail, while Alfeizerão is “THE” village of Pão-de-ló.