Granja Abbatiale


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This is not a real restaurant, but a funny and different place where you may eat.

It is a farm, prepared for tourism, in a do-it-yourself basis. You pay 5€ to enter, and become free to use everything in the farm, not only the many ludic equipment, but also the kitchen, grill, and even the vegetables produced in the farm, that you may pick in the vegetables garden or orchard.

Everything that you pick or buy (there’s a shop and a bar) will be discounted in the initial price, and you will only pay the excess, or… nothing more, if you didn’t exceed the 5€ per capita. We’ve been there several times, the last one in July 27th, for a picnic with our dancing team, this time open to all dancers and families, which meant a few hundred people.Favorite Dish: – Damn! I forgot to bring coriander… – No problem! Third flower bed at your left.

Address: Campos da Maiorga

Directions: 39.588136ºN 8.993337W

Website: Abbatiale