Bussaco Grand Hotel

Bussaco Grand Hotel

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A marvelous palace in a fabulous park, what else do you need? A good service? Obviously, you have it!

Of course it’s expensive by Portuguese standards, but if you consider that it is one the most beautiful 5 stars in the world, with a remarkable gastronomy, why not to pay the equivalent to many 3 stars in Europe or America for a special night?

Address: Mata do Bussaco, , BUSSACO 3050-261

Phone: +351 231 937 970


Just to see the palace from the inside is worth paying the high price of the overnight stay. With 5-star service, the quality is as expected, although here and there it is difficult to overcome the limitations of an old property, especially in terms of electricity.
The excellent breakfast was somewhat hampered by Covid’s restrictions, forcing us to order one by one all the items from the buffet, which the employees brought to the table.