Visiting Faro


Visiting Faro and the island

To see Faro is the capital and the bigger town in Algarve, but, behind the airport, a long island reachable by car or boat, and only minutes away, has one of the widest and, most of the time, less frequented beaches in Algarve.

The sand sinks quickly, which turns it in a mainly adult spot.

On the opposite side, the lagoon, a few meters away, is a very safe “pool”, where you can have fun catching clams, cockles or razor clams.

Visiting Faro
Visiting Faro – Lagoon

Faro island

​A long stripe of sand between sea and lagoon, allows a different vacation. There, you have shortage of nightlife, and even of restaurants and shops.

​You will divide yourself between the bath in the clean and mild waters of the deep ocean beach, and the amusement of the lagoon with its richness of shellfish. Supplies and amusement stand in Faro, ten minutes away by car or by boat. And if someone invites you to go catch some cuttlefish at night, do follow the rules, wear a white shirt and be prepared to laugh. Kids enjoy the lagoon, but the proximity to the airport may be bothersome.

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Visiting Faro – Lagoon


​Ideal for boating, picking shells, or fishing, “Ilha de Faro”, about 10 KM from the city, is also a paradise for children, combining well with the open sea in the ocean coast, just a few meters distant.

The shows of planes arriving and departing in the nearby airport are an extra attraction for the kids.

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Visiting Faro – Beach


A desert beach in Algarve is something from the 19th century, but the beach in Ilha de Faro, has long sections with few people, giving you the sensation of freedom, impossible in the generally overcrowded beaches.