Algar Seco

Carvoeiro beach


To see Carvoeiro

Carvoeiro 1
Carvoeiro 1

A small beach, sometimes overcrowded as many in Algarve, is located in a beautiful area of the coast.

​With plenty of accommodation (as everywhere else in the coast, as a matter of fact) it’s a good place to stay and to start a boat trip following the coast.

Algar Seco

Carvoeiro beach 11

The most beautiful spot around Carvoeiro is this strange rock formation, used to shelter a bar. Erosion is dictating its laws, (with men’s help), but it’s still possible to see some odd formations.

​One doubt: Is it still there the panther that I caught in a 1975’s photo? Since I had no answer I must go there and check! Maybe this summer, since this area is my first option to next vacation in Algarve.



And no! The answer is no.

In 2022 I looked carefully everywhere, but the panther got away.

Perhaps it is to warn tourists to be careful on the beach…


Carvoeiro 2
Carvoeiro 2

Most of the caves in the Algarve are only accessible by boat.

In Algar Seco there is an exception, a cave elevated relative to sea level, and with openings with good views over the ocean.

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