Visiting Albufeira


To see Visiting Albufeira

Albufeira was my first love in Algarve, before the fool construction has turned it in the concrete forest it is now.

I haven’t gone there for a couple of years, but each visit became a disappointment, seeing everything sacrificed to the goal of mass tourism.

​And… my God! How Albufeira was nice in those old days.


Visiting Albufeira
Visiting Albufeira

Thirty years ago Albufeira was “the capital” of tourism in Algarve and a vacation paradise.

Today, it is the center of all the excesses in massive building and loss of quality, but the beaches are still there (spreading along the coast), the fishermen keep on working (not much), and with luck, you may get your own space to stay,  not far from the city.

​Fishermen’s beach

Visiting Albufeira

Right in the centre of the city, this is THE beach of Albufeira.

Construction in the area took people away from this beach spreading them along the coast, but it didn’t loose its charm.

​Now it misses the fisherman’s boats that once provided a shade, and acts more as a decoration of restaurants and bars that line it, replacing the original life of fishing and selling the catch.

Directions: Off Largo 25 de Abril

Website: Pescadores

​Inatel Beach

Visiting Albufeira

Once a “private” beach of Inatel, the national organization for workers free time, this wide beach is now part of the long stripe of sand that compose Albufeira’s beaches, with a few hotels and apartments hidden inland.

​I didn’t swim there, but it looks more rocky than the other beaches of the area.

Wild Remains

Visiting Albufeira

The coast west of Albufeira is very beautiful, with some natural formations, most of them only accessible from the sea.

​Eastbound the beauty fades, but until Olhos de Água, though dotted with too much construction, some point keep their beauty.

A walk by the seaside (sun protected) is relaxing, and helps to forget what we have inland, however, be careful, because the cliffs may be dangerous, as many signals in the adequate places will alert.

​Historic Albufeira

Visiting Albufeira
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Visiting Albufeira

The crazy construction that disfigured Algarve, has (thanks God!) spared the central area of old Albufeira.

Now, cleaned and organized for touristy exhibition, the central Albufeira looks good, and, for some minutes, allows us to forget the insanity of the exploitation seeking for euros (or dollars, or… just money!) that grew around it.

​City Centre

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Visiting Albufeira

While many things are changing in the coast and even in Albufeira, the city’s centre has been preserved, and still keeps the look of the good old days, when it was no more than a fishing village where a few sun seekers came in summer.

Well done recuperation and embellishing work and the lively business common in touristy hubs don’t spoil the place.

Everything is possible and available at short distance.

Website: Turismo