Amsterdam in a glance


To see Amsterdam

Main square

I didn’t visit much in Amsterdam, and the main images that I caught were this central square (and the smell of the canals…).

​My kids went there recently and enjoyed it, which means that I need to plan another visit.

Website: Damsite


The Palace

Yes, according to the external views, and later readings, I agree that it deserves a visit, but I didn’t have time.

It is in my “next time” list, that, I think, will happen soon…

Website: Palace


A shopping center

One of the most remarkable buildings in the centre of the city, the old post office, was transformed in a shopping center.

Thinking that the interior must be so beautiful as the exterior, I felt very sorry for having no time to enter.

Address: Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 182

Website: Shopping



Personal memories I like pictures


Sometimes, one of the best thing in pictures is their impossibility to capture the smell.

​This city is famous for its canals, but I must confess that the look was not so impressive as, for instance in Venice or Copenhagen, and the smell…

Website: Lovers