Eating in Lignano


Eating in Lignano

I recommend Corallo restaurant

My favorite

We used this restaurant twice, both times with a very positive impression.

Its location and exterior look convinced me that it should me expensive, but I think that it had the best price-quality ratio.

The menu is long, and though dominated by the inevitable pizza, it as a great diversity.

The prices were in line with the other, which meant more satisfaction for the same money.​

As it should be.

​In Portugal, for may years, the restaurants used to charge “Couvert” that was supposed to cover the bread and something else eventually brought to the table without any order, but sometimes respected to… nothing.

After a long fight, that use was forbidden, and now the restaurants may charge only what the customers consume. In Italy I was surprised by the same use, and, in any restaurant, before starting to order and eat, we were already paying at least 3€.

I still don’t accept it, and here I leave my invitation to the Italian and visitors to fight that unfair use. No more “coberto”, per favore!

Address: Via Miramare, 57

Positive impression Luigi restaurant

Eating in Lignano
Eating in Lignano – Luigi

​Good Squids

It was our first restaurant in Lignano, and we repeated.

Nothing to say, the quality was good, maybe the prices a little bit higher than its equivalents.

Address: Vialle Venezia, 99

Positive impression Jolly

Eating in Lignano – Jolly

Self Service

The cheapest restaurant, was a kind of self-service – we ordered in the counter, paid the bill, and brought to table what was ready to consume, waiting for the food needing cooking or heating.

Pizza is the main dish, but there are alternatives.

I tried to go there again in my last dinner, but the rain during the day announcing the end of summer season had already anticipated its closure.

Address: Vialle Venezia

Positive impression Agosti restaurant

Eating in Lignano – Agosti


Entering this restaurant, I was expecting something… great!

Most tables were reserved, and the restaurant looked nice. A promise.

Well, I have nothing to complaint, it was a normal dinner, the prices for the food were normal, but the same didn’t happen with the drinks – 3 € for a Sprite is discotheque price, and my wine cost the double of the usual.​

And more, as I think I already noticed:

​​Agosti was the winner of the abuse, charging a “coberto” of 5€ for exactly… nothing!

Address: Via Tolmezzo, 42

Positive impression Baby restaurant

Eating in Lignano – Baby

Fresh fish

Here we were already organized to save some money – we need not to eat at the Italian way – Antipasto, first dish, second dish, desert, and one more kilogram in the belly…No!

We ordered only a first and a second dish and shared them, however we didn’t save…

The second dish was very expensive – mix grilled fish – but… who cares?

​It was good!
Favorite Dish: Mixed grilled fish
Address: Vialle Venezia 38