Top restaurant Heaven


A funny story:

The hotel’s shuttle dropped us in Kalo Livadi, a quite empty beach close to the hotel (a few nudists at ease). By lunchtime we looked around and saw… nothing!

There was a small and discreet house, hundred meters from the beach, and Jose and me decided to go there. IT WAS a restaurant. We entered to check if it would be suitable for our western tastes, and… good Lord!

Facing us, too long counters, one displaying a dozen of salads, the other one a dozen of hot dishes, and, from left to right, I wanted to taste… everything.

For the first and last time in my life, everything looked perfect.

​We called our families, and had the greatest meal in Greece. Six different salads, six different dishes, we all tasted everything and, maybe because of our previous fears, maybe because of their good looking, maybe because they were great, they all tasted delicious. With the perfect company of a white wine from Kefalonia After 23 years I think that I finally identified the restaurant – Solymar

Price Comparison: about average

Price: US$21-30