Visiting Mykonos


To see Mykonos is a beautiful island, but we stayed up the hills.

That allowed us to try almost desert beaches (where my kids saw nudists for the first time) and observe the hard conditions of life for the people not connected to tourism.

​The distances are short and the hotel’s shuttle provided transport to beach and town.

​”Little Venice” – The most promoted


Ninety per cent of the movies showing the Greek islands have a scene in this bay.

It becomes a familiar place, but its beauty is undeniable. Don’t miss it, because it has much more than the pictured coast to see.



Parapontiani church


One of… five

This small and discreet church is a very uncommon construction: built from the 15Th to the 17Th, it is only the visible part of an ensemble of five chapels, four of them underground.

Security reasons? Escaping from heat?

​Maybe! the thickness of the walls, and its pure white may confirm that idea.

Address: Hora, Mykono


Kalu Livadi


Almost Desert

Kalu Livadi, a good sandy beach, far from everything, and with only a few people, offered me, maybe due to the surprise, the most appreciated lunch of my life (I write about it in another tip), but it allowed also the best swim in Greece (nudist for some of our neighbors).

Address: South Eastern part of Mykonos.