Warnings in Paris


Warnings or dangers Warnings in Paris

Baccarat Museum

Maybe it’s unfair to call this a tourist trap: the museum is beautiful, and some pieces truly remarkable, but the ticket they charge allows us to expect more.

A few (very few) good pieces, and, when I tried to see something else, I found myself in a larger display that was… the showroom, with five or six people available to deal with clients, but not to waste their time with curious tourists.

Well… I understand: It’s not a cultural entity, but an industrial company trying to survive in a each time harder competition…

Site : Baccarat

Expensive visit

Warnings in Paris
Warnings in Paris – Expiation

Expiation chapel is a curiosity near St Augustin and in the shopping area.

​It’s interesting to see Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette’s first burial place, but the ticket (5€ when I was there), compared to the usual prices in the other monuments it’s really high, and it doesn’t justify what we see.

​Watch yourself

Warnings in Paris – Cautions

The crowds around Eiffel tower are a good opportunity to pickpockets.

In one of our later visits, Fernanda noticed a couple of men following us, too close, and with a clear concentration in my camcorder.

We joined one line to the elevators and they lined after us.

Then, I turned myself, looked the first one clearly in the eyes, and, without a word, we moved to another elevator.

​They abandoned the line and went away.