Transports in Paris


Transports Hop On Hop Off

Like many other cities Paris has a Hop on Hop off line of buses that cover the main touristic points.

Like anywhere else, that is an expensive way to see the city, so:

If you are short in time and want to have a quick view, with an occasional stop, or…

​… you had no time to prepare your trip and don’t know where to go, or…

… you absolutely need some immediate information about the seen places…  then do it.​

Otherwise, remember that everywhere they go you will have a cheaper alternative not difficult to find, and the open deck is great from outside, but as soon as you enter, sun, wind or rain may give you a different idea.

​Roissy Bus


The best and cheapest way to move from CDG to Paris is Roissybus.

 used it in my last visits to Paris, and booking a hotel in Opera area, it worked perfectly fine, with a short walk from and to Scribe avenue, the departure place.



The prices for public transport in Paris obey to distance, with the city covered by concentric crowns.

Most touristy destinations are in the central crown, and even LA Défense, a few kilometers out of it gets special treatment, being included in central zone. Our problem was not knowing where to exit, and we noticed that we had passed the right stop, we were already in the outer zone.

​We decided to stay until the end of the line, and stop there in the way back, expecting to be asked for the right ticket. As a matter of fact, no one bothered us – the bus stopped about 10 minutes, the driver let us stay inside, and returned without any demand. I think we were lucky, but next time I will control carefully the right stop.

Bateaux mouches


Many attractions are close to the river, and for those with displacing problems, short time, or the need of a different angle, there are several boat trips along the river, easy to deal and book locally.

​You just have to choose your program.



Versailles is very big, so, be prepared to a long walk.

Either inside or outside, the distances are big, and if you go to the gardens (of course, you will!) the distances are counted in kilometers.

​There’s a small train, and believe me, at least for who was coming directly from America, without sleeping and with jet-lag, it was a blessing.