Eat in Paris


Rest2 Le Relais Cambon

Big lunch in small table

A very small restaurant always full is a recommendation. We accepted it, and were well succeeded.

In the smaller table I have ever seen, we could manage to accommodate and eat.

The food was very good, the service was quick and gentle, and the price acceptable. We will come back, if needing a restaurant in the area.

Address: 22 rue Cambon

Rest2 Rêves 180


“Street food”

My son and his girlfriend love to eat crepes.

They are really delicious, easy to by in the way, and not expensive, but I do prefer real food.

OK, once or a couple of times, I concede, and this”boulangerie-creperie”, in Republic square, is really good.

Rest1 Flamel restaurant


High Cuisine

Someone said one day, with fun, that high cuisine is when they use huge dishes for tiny food. This is the case. Though having the sensation that we are paying more for the decoration that we will destroy in the dish than for the food itself, the overall opinion was that it was tasty and well served. The ambiance is sophisticated, and the price is high, but below scandal.

Address: 51 Rue de Montmorency, 75003

Phone: +33 1 42 71 77 78


 It's there Le Pré Grill (closed)


A funny situation

What a strange situation we lived in this restaurant!I ordered lunch and a pitcher of wine.

I didn’t like it at first time… nor second, and at the third attempt I noticed it was oxidized. I sent it back and ordered only a glass of a new one.

The waiter brought the glass, and when I was starting to drink, a lady from next table exclaimed:

– I drunk that wine.

I thought that she was telling me that she had tasted the same wine, wanting my opinion and… advanced to taste it.- I drunk from that glass!After some talking to clarify the confusion I understood what happened:The waiter brought the glass of wine and by mistake, put it in the lady’s table. She started to drink it. After some moments the waiter noticed the mistake and… no problem! Got the glass and moved it to my table.Despite this bizarre situation, the lunch was good. Tasty, well served and reasonably priced. With some laughing at the end.

Address: R Saint Severin

Rest2 Palais du Marais


Good and Cheap

Close to the Chatelet and Les Halles, this restaurant serves Chinese, Thai, and vietnamese food.

We tasted several dishes, and all of them where appreciated. The service was good, and it was our cheaper meal in a Parisian restaurant this time.

​A good choice.

Price Comparison: less expensive than average

Rest3 Best of Cafe


Finally the andouillete

For more than 40 years that I resist to the temptation! What is that thing that almost all french restaurants announce and I never tasted – andouillete?

This was the day!

Well, I didn’t like it. Furthermore, there was nothing positive in this restaurant except the fact that one of the employees was Portuguese.Narrow restaurant, small tables, bad food, confuse service…First and last visit!

Address: Rue Mogador, 18    Phone:

Rest2 Hippopotamus


No surprises

Being part of a reasonable chain of restaurants, the service is normalized, following the standards chosen by the chain. Good meat, grilled in a few different combinations, well served, at a regular price. OK! Not remarkable, but a positive impression.

Directions: 8, Bd. St. Denis 75 010 Paris