Eat in Nancy


I recommend Mignardise (or Capucin Gourmand?)

Good Diner

In my first visit to Nancy, we entered by accident in a restaurant where we had the pleasant surprise of a fabulous dinner. 

In this second visit we tried to repeat it, but we were not sure how to find it. 

My colleague said it was something like “Capucin Gourmand”, I had an approximate idea of its location, and… Mignardise was there. 

We entered, and the interior matched our memories. We had a very good dinner there, and very reasonably priced.

Later on, surfing the net I saw that there is near it a “Capucin Gourmand” with a different look, but… recently renovated. I’m not so sure, now.

Mignardise was great, and, in the 3rd visit I promise I’ll check both again.

Positive impression Mandaloun


Good, cheap and quick

We were in a shortage of time, in front of this Lebanese restaurant.

We entered. Good idea.

This was my first Lebanese experience, and it was positive: we ate well, paid reasonably, and left in time.

​In a nice ambiance. Good!

Address: 65, Grand Rue, Nancy

Positive impression Cuba Feliz


Very fine for a late dinner

We went there for a light late dinner, and it matched exactly what we needed. I don’t know how it works with regular meals, when it acts as a restaurant, nor how is the ambiance when it turns into a bar, but the “Fajitas” we had in the “in-between”, where perfect (yes, being hungry helps a lot!).

Address: 11, Rue des Maréchaux