Art in Nancy


To see Fine Arts Museum

Right in the Stanislas Square, this museum has a good collection of classical art, with some modern works.

Truly “smashing”, for my taste, is a painting of Emile Fryant, from the beginning of last century that… you have to look.

​It lives…

Directions: Stanislas Square

Website: Fine arts

​Nancy Shool Museum


Searching for Majorelle Villa we went to this museum, before opening time.

We couldn’t wait and didn’t enter, but, with the whole Nancy being an open museum, I’m curious: what else did they put inside?

​If you visit it just let me know!

​Museum of Lorraine – Ducal Palace


This was another museum where we didn’t enter (you know… I had to leave something to do in the third and following visits!).

​The palace, in the old city, is very beautiful, but when we were there it was showing the effects of pollution.

​Of course, the most important is the content, but this sad image is not a great invitation.