Visiting Chamonix


To see Yes, I know that Chamonix is a winter resort, however, for someone like us, used to live several years without any sign of snow (and enjoying hot weather) live the heat of summer snow in such a marvelous landscapes, was something no one could forget.

​It was a very quick visit, that left us the will to return (in summer or winter…)

Mer de Glace


It’s quite an experience, using the mechanical means to go up and down the mountain, and to walk several meters inside the glacier (with the advantage of being the shortest of the three rides locally offered). 

Standing for the family photo is mandatory, and, though in a worry not to get frozen kids, we had time enough to appreciate the effects of light through the glace.




Once again, I confirm that I know that Chamonix is a winter station, but Fernanda can’t support cold, so, we’ve been there only in summer. 

Anyway, plenty of snow everywhere, and the colours of the sunny streets made, even Fernanda, appreciate the visit.

Yes, it was warm, and fun! 


Personal memories Contrasts – Hot and snow


​​We use to associate Chamonix to… snow and cold. In our visit (in August) we were surprised by a extreme heat, that forced us to refresh the kids wherever it was possible.

In a few minutes, in “Mer de glace” we passed from the high heat to the negative temperatures that we expected, fearing consequences to the boys – no problem, and Chamonix is prepared to supply all the needed freshness.