Twice in Bornholm


To see Twice in Bornholm, with pleasure. ​I couldn’t imagine a few years ago that a remote island in the Baltic would “call me” twice. But it did, and I’m not sure that it will not happen a third time.
​We spent one day in Bornholm, with the objective of knowing a glass school. After a friendly and useful reception, we had time to travel around the island and see the capital – Ronne. It’s a tranquil island, well cared, with a few beaches not particularly remarkable, and many fishing villages, where smoking fish is widely seen

Beautiful building

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Yes, it is touristy! Yes, it is odd, nowhere finding anything that looks like it. Yes, it is merchandising, calling the tourist to sell common crafts.


​I’ve been there twice, and twice we had to stop and enter the place. I don’t know if the commercial results are good, but the good idea seems to work.

Smoking Fish


Yes, it was interesting to see all the smoking fish places, and the offers of all the restaurants. But… forgive us. We are from Portugal, where fresh fish abounds, and… We thought that smoked fish was almost like our salted and dried bacalhau (codfish). No way! So, we may return to Denmark or Sweden with pleasure, but don’t invite us for smoked herrings. We did return. We ate smoked fish again. We still don’t like it.

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Denmark is a rich and happy country, with a freezing climate.

In my country agriculture has been abandoned in the last years, because… “it doesn’t compensate”.

​If so, why is it possible in the rich Denmark? Why don’t we learn from them?


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The Bornholm’s art museum is located in the coast, 6 Km north of Gudhjem.

This new museum has a permanent collection of art related with Bornholm, and temporary exhibitions of glass and ceramics works. I knew it during the first European Glass Context, with the display of many of the established European glass artists.

​Entrance is DKK 70.