Visiting Svaneke


​​To see Svaneke

Awarded in 1975 with the Council of Europe’s gold medal for its determination in preserving the historic character, this is a really nice and friendly small town.

Art, History and culture are everywhere, with the pace of a village.

The 5 sisters


One of the known images of Bornholm are the five chimneys of this smokehouse in Svaneke. It is located in Fiskergade, a little north of the harbour, accessed by secondary streets.

The Harbor


The central area of Svaneke is dominated by its small harbor.

The main road passes at its side, and most streets converge to it.

​Compared to the local standards it has some animation.



Several times in Bornholm I made myself the question:

“What do this people for living”?

Well, I think that for most of them the answer is… artwork.

Sculpture, ceramic and glass artifacts are everywhere, and in Svaneke it seems to be door after door.

​Who will be buying so many things?

Old cannons


Near the 5 sisters, a small bank shelters a couple of old canons covering the coast.

​I don’t know from what war or period, but they were a surprise in that plane and accessible place.