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Ronne, the capital of Bornholm is a very nice small city. Even the modern buildings respect a small size, and the traditional quarter is very beautiful, in bright and well maintained colours.
​​In my first visit I had not much time to Ronne, but this time I could explore it twice. It’s really a beautiful city, with the old quarters very well preserved and maintained. As expected, it is also the best city in the island for shopping.

Old Quarter


What a difference when the sun shines!In my first two times in Ronne, the weather was cloudy and rainy, and the city looked sad and cold. In my third presence the sun finally joined us, and everything became brighter. The colourful old quarter is very nice, quiet and clean, with flowers here and there adding some life to the scene. The quarter is small and easy to visit.

Central square


The centre of the city is, as usual, dominated by commerce. I noticed no many restaurants, nor big malls. Things seem to rely in local commerce, though China is already there, as expected…



Inland and by the church, the unusual location for the lighthouse is easy to understand – the port is there, adjacent to town. It may be considered a landmark, since behind it unfolds the beautiful old quarters of Ronne.


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One thing that pleased me in the city is the harmony in building’s volumetry.

A few examples of modern architecture combine well with the traditional style and proportions of the houses.

​Color helps to give a warm look, in a cold weather.​

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Transports Ferry


There are several ferry lines linking Bornholm to the continent, but the commonly used by foreigners is the one that links Ronne with Ystad, in Sweden, in about 75 minutes.

The other internal line, to Kogen, takes more than 6 hours and is only made overnight.

There are also lines to Poland and Germany.

​To go to Ystad you may do it by car (using the Oresund bridge), by train, or by bus from their stations in Copenhagen.