Visiting Hasle


To see The city

I attended a conference in Bornholm that seemed to have been planned to make us travel across the island – one event in Nexo, another one in Gudhjem, back for Nexo, head to… Hasle.

I went there twice, both times in a rush, allowing only a general look. It seems to follow the standard of the island, and I saw no particular detail.

Gronbechs Gard


Gronbechs Gard was the only reason that took me to this city.

​A couple of pictures, a careful look at the the display, and it was done. Nothing special to call my attention.

Arts and crafts


Well, the true reason to my visit to Hasle was an art contest, with display in this large shop.

Being occupied by the glass exhibition, only a couple of rooms showed other articles.

Anyway, it was the larger shop that I saw out of Ronne, and we felt good inside.