Park in Sibenik


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Apparently, (we left by car, from the top of the falls, but I don’t know if there is an entrance there, or just a way out) there are two ways to reach the falls: by car, or by boat.

We did it the second way, and I think that is is the most pleasant way to do it.

​The boat ride is short and the landscape is beautiful. It’s a pity we had no time to explore the upper lakes.



If you don’t fear the cold waters, and don’t bother sharing a small pond with hundreds… let’s go.

We didn’t, and didn’t feel sorry, because we didn’t feel that hot, and the sights compensated everything.

​Even the steep stairs were easy to climb.

Business as usual

Activities in Venice

Reaching the exit of the Park, we have the usual complex of shops and restaurants, but, I have to make justice, they are well integrated in the ambiance, and help to keep the visual balance of the whole.

A very good solution.