Eating in Brussels


Rest2 Mykonos restaurant

Cheap Greece

Close to Grand Place there are many restaurants, matching all level of prices. 

Wishing a cheap light lunch we choose this Greek restaurant, that didn’t disappoint us.

​Greek food, reasonable presentation, lively ambiance and a decent price.

Price Comparison: about average

Rest2 Bol enchanté  restaurant


We enjoyed it 

It was our son’s birthday, and we let him choose the restaurant. Taking care of his father’s wallet (I think), he choose this restaurant, close to his apartment.

It was not a remarkable dinner, but is was very good, with a careful presentation and a tasty food.

Being in a oriental restaurant I was expecting a terrible wine, but that was also a very good surprise, one of the best in Brussels and at a very decent price.

It was a good bet, but In Ixelles it is a little bit “out of the beaten path”. Not for us, at least while, for familiar reasons, Ixelles remains our “capital of Brussels”, nor for the students of the free university, nearby.
​Favorite Dish: Boeuf Sauté Aux Trois Champignons 
                        Canard Laqué Pékinois

Rest2 Sogno d’Italia


Good place 
It was handy because it was near the residence of our son, and that was the first reason to try it. The experience was so good, that we decided to repeat, and it was even better.
The first time we ate a common but good pizza, but in the second visit we risked the dishes of the day, even without knowing what they should be. I only remember “Vitello tonato” as entrance, and a good main dish whose name I never caught.

It was one of our best bets in restaurants in Brussels, but I know that Ixelles is a little bit “out of the beaten path”, however, if you visit Cambres abbey, for instance, it will be only a few minutes walk from there.

Rest2 ​Le Trappiste 


Cheap and good
Arriving late, we needed a light meal, and got it in this brasserie in Porte de Namur. Both my pasta and the toast to Fernanda were delicious, well served, and, for local prices, very affordable.
We decided to repeat the visit, to try something more elaborated, but the program didn’t allow it. However, the excellent impression put it in our white list for futures visits to town.

Address: Avenue de la Toison d’Or, 3

Price Comparison: less expensive than average

​​It's there La Canebière


Choosing a restaurant among the thousands side-by-side near Grand Place, we were attracted by the poster announcing an attractive menu by 16 €. The waiter was nice, using his Spanish to try to match our Portuguese, with the inevitable failure. But in Spanish, french and english, we had no problem ordering the promoted menu, fish for Fernanda,meat for me.
The food was not bad, but everything besides the menu was a real scam – for two menus (32€) plus a drink and coffee to each one, we payed 57€.
(Yes, my drink was wine of the house, the worst and, by far, the most expensive in Belgium).

Rest3 Polat


Too “African” 

Looking for a cheap restaurant close to Europe area, we entered this snack, because it seemed to have small portions of individual snacks, and that was exactly what one of us wanted.

Well, they had it, we had our cheapest meal in Belgium, but… The smells were too magrebino for our tastes.

Not their fault – we could imagine it from outside, but… we risked.

Address: 42, Rue Willems 1210 Sint-Joost-ten-Node

Bar2 Entrée des Artistes


Café Delta
After dinner, and when our visit was reaching the end, we pound ourselves in a nice square, where we could see a familiar advertising – Café Delta. That means Portuguese coffee, something special that we use forget as soon as we leave Portugal (unless we travel to Italy, where things are not so different).

We all tasted the coffee, and it was, of course, the best that we had in Belgium. A perfect end to this visit to Brussels.

We didn’t taste the food, but the restaurant is bookmarked for my next visit to Brussels.

Address: Place du Sablon

Bar2 Fontainas Bar


Coffee and butterflies

After lunch we were trying to find a restaurant or bar with something like Portuguese or Italian coffee, and entered this bar. It was easy to see that it was a gay, straight friendly bar, but the sensation was new for some of us.

Served by travesties, the coffee, though as different as we expected from what we were looking for, was not too bad, but the best, to Fernanda, were the butterflies.

Address: Rue du Marché au Charbon