Memories of Brussels


Personal memories Ixelles

In my previous visits to Brussels, Ixelles was something so out of the beaten path, that, I never approached it.

Suddenly, Ixelles became “the centre” of Brussels , for a single reason – that’s the quarter where my son Horácio is going to live for, at least, six months.

Do you mind that, with his help, I dedicate to it a special attention now?

​And then they shrunk the Portuguese…


I remembered our visit to the studio of “Honey I shrunk the kids”, in USA, when arriving to Brussels.​

Easy to understand why, when we see the decoration of Europe square. Imaginative, indeed!

​​Living” statues



A common image in most cities, is the presence of someone painted in white, trying to imitate a known statue or figure. It’s a job, like many other, with variable quality, inviting people to deposit a coin in front of it.

We saw, in Brussels, a very uncommon statue, trying to represent Van Gogh, but in a so unbalanced position that no one could ever stay put for more than half a second. But he did.

It was great the admiration of the public, trying to discover the inevitable rigid structure under the coat to support it. No one could find anything, and he really didn’t even blink. And the coins kept falling!

I had a comment to my friends – “It’s a doll, and by nightfall the owner will pick it and the money”. Everybody smiled at the idea, and we kept moving.


Coming back from lunch, the surprise, and the confirmation that I was right:

​The real living statue was already there, side-by-side with the dummy, and not too quiet – his hand didn’t stop, with the international gesture calling for money.





Flamand architecture