Twice in Andorra


To see Twice in Andorra

Three things lead people to Andorra – snow, shopping, and the curiosity of seeing a very small country thrive in extremely harsh environmental conditions.
Only Tito dared the snow, but the race through the various shops in Andorra-a-Velha was fun, and the overall final image was very pleasant



For the ski lovers, the mountain allows adding the pleasure of sport with a great shopping activity.

​Ski is not exactly my family’s sport (neither shopping! – Fernanda apart), so this visit was only a quick and nice curiosity for a couple of times.

​Port d’Envalira


Gorgeous views, even in the absence of snow, in August, are available at the highest point of the roads.

​Cycling is a challenge, and getting to the top a remarkable success.

​The best of shopping


You spent a full day browsing a shop after the other, with a woman with a program, and two children with the opposite one, none of them matching yours.


The shops close, and the family gets back to harmony, returning to nature and the peace of vacation.

​Shopping is good, because it has to end.