Estreito de C. de Lobos

Estreito – 2 good dinners

​Visiting Estreito de C. de Lobos

In the hills behind Câmara de Lobos the village gets the name of Estreito, which means strait, maybe because it follows a narrow valley.

Its reputation comes from several restaurants
​Staying not far from Funchal, E. de Câmara de Lobos is the centre of Madeira wine producing.

​It has an interesting church, a few chapels and “levadas”, but the main touristy attraction… yes, it is the typical kebab.

​”Nossa Senhora da Graça” church

Visiting Estreito

The most important monument in the village is this church, built in the 18th century.

​Some restoring works didn’t change it much, except the tower, that, in 1937, received a clock.

The village

Estreito de C. de Lobos
General view

We were received by music in when we arrived for dinner, and that made us walk a little to find where did it come from.

In a nice square by the church, dominated by a esplanade was performing live music.

​It was not the expected popular festivities that it seemed, but we got a favorable idea of that central part of the village.

Eating in town

Positive impression Santo António- Number one, they say 


I was going to Lagar, with my group, when the receptionist at the hotel explained that for the locals santo Antonio is the top one – also excellent food and cheaper.

We changed our plans.

Well, it’s a big and popular restaurant that satisfied all the good expectations.

Favorite Dish: Grilled beef

​Website: Santo António