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Generally included in the visit of Lisbon, Estoril has its own attractions, topped by the oldest Casino in Lisbon’s area, and some good and calm beaches.

​Together with Cascais, this is the residential area preferred by foreigners

Dominated by the Casino

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A few kilometers from Cascais, Estoril has the same style, with a single difference – the Casino.

However, all the place deserves to be visited, with the beautiful palaces lining the coast, crowded in summer, strangely quiet most of the winter days.

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It was a long time, since my last visit to Tamariz, in Estoril, a beach with good memories from my youth.

However, the new sights worried me a bit: the coast and town keeps well maintained (maybe better) but the sand in the beach has disappeared, having now half of the width and length of the old days.

​Winter occasional action, or consistent degradation, Tamariz keeps sharing with “Torre” the top of my favorite beaches in Lisbon’s coast (and I skip the Casino!).

In the most beaten path

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Not much people remarks the look of the train station, but it is a very curious construction.

Dating from the end of the 19th century, it is very near the beach.

​Funny thing – I couldn’t find anything written about it!

Gambling and Show

I’m not a gambler and each time I visit a Casino I plan in advance the total amount to spend by each member of the family. I’m glad to notice that everybody, even the boys, accept it naturally, and have no temptation to risk one more cent. That kind of discipline and concept of the games make the casino an amusement like any other, and Estoril was one of the four or five casinos that I visited, but only from times to times…

​I don’t know how things are going, now that Lisbon opened its own Casino, but in a generally animated night this keeps being a top class alternative.

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