Travelling from the coast, we stopped in Estepa for lunch.

Some minutes driving across the village to find a restaurant, a reasonable meal in the best looking one, some minutes stretching the kid’s legs, and we moved away.



No, I never heard anything about Estepa.

I didn’t even know that it exists, until the day when, returning from the coast, I needed to make a stop for lunch and… Estepa was there.

So, what cam I say?

​Well, just to describe my meal and the look of town around it. With pleasure!

Positive impression Not bad

Casa de Larios

With two loaded cars, we decided to look for a esplanade to lunch facing the parked cars. We found it in this village, and the lunch was good.

The restaurant is part of a small hotel, but we didn’t see many customers there. Despite that, the service was professional and gentle, but a little bit slow.

Thirty seconds after served, a fly landed in my glass of wine, but the waiter immediately noticed it, and took the glass away, returning with another one (the same?).

The food was abundant (not the grilled shrimps to Fernanda), well prepared, but not too well displayed.

I ate marinated meat, tasty but somewhat sickening, maybe because of the big quantity. The prices were adequate to the quality and quantity of the food, which means that a reasonable part of the bill was to pay… waste.

At the end, no cards accepted (temporary problem?) and I needed to go to the cash dispenser three hundred meters away.

Address: Av. de Andalucía, 178, 41560 Estepa

Phone: +34 690 11 42 00

Website: Casa de Larios

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