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Essaouira – Good crafts in historic frame

To see The city

Marrakesh tops the attention of everybody who decides to visit Morocco, but Essaouira, generally a second choice, surely deserves to be a first one. A small and wonderful town, UNESCO heritage, challenges the violence of ocean and wind, and preserves the traces of all the civilizations present in its history, including… Portuguese. Not to be missed.

The Portuguese fort

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Essaouira - Good crafts in historic frame

Built as a few other in the beginning of the 16th century, this fortress, soon lost by the Portuguese, still dominates the city, as its best monument and a good testimony of our military architectural skills.

Thuia Bargains

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Essaouira - Good crafts in historic frame

Wherever you go in Morocco, you may find all kind of handicrafts, generally without any mention of its origin and quality. 

Thuya carvings and inlaid works are very appealing, by the delicacy of the work and the soft smell of the wood. 

If you go to Essaouira, then forget buying thuya works anywhere else. Here you may watch the carvers doing their pieces, and buy directly from the producers, practicing the favorite sport in Morocco – bargaining. 

Door to door, in the narrow streets of the Medina, in the shades of the walls, comparing styles, shapes, prices, and smiles, you feel the real Morocco. And save money!