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Entroncamento – Often visited


To see Railroad crossing

The main railroad crossing in Portugal (and only that), start gathering people, giving birth to a village with a proper name – Entroncamento means crossing.

​With time it grew up, being today a small city, but always with trains as the main reference.

Old quarters

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Entroncamento has grown, with good taste, as far as I could see. 

Once again led by dance, I walked a bit around town I noticed that the old houses for the railway workers were preserved, and are clean and painted according to the traditional look. 



More than 50 years ago, I started visiting Entroncamento regularly, to play (or to watch) roller hockey.

For about 20 years the visits stopped until now.

​Sport keeps being the reason to go – now ballroom dance competitions. It’s impossible not to notice the improvement in the city, and the excellent architectural work done in its sports centre.


Modern church

Yes, dancing commitments didn’t allow me much time to see Entroncamento, but I could notice modernity, present in many places (wide streets, efficient signalization, and a modern church where I had no time to enter).


Sports Zone

It was the only area in town that I visited in the last 20 years, but progress was noticeable.

Very pleasant area.

Now, that’s not true anymore – I entered the city and tried to see much more around.

​Well, I must confess that it did grow but didn’t change, and the sportive area keeps being its most.

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Well succeeded art

Train and sport…

Since Columbus and his egg (I hope the story of putting an egg upwards is international… if not, let me know and I’ll explain it), we learn that the best solution is, sometimes, complicated, before becoming… obvious.

A monument in a railroad crossing in the sports zone what should express?

A tree, with 5 rails in the 5 Olympic colours! Obvious, isn’t it? Congratulations to the unknown author.

Ballroom dance


Entroncamento has the best pavilion to ballroom dance in central Portugal. I think that it will be the place to our National Championship finals. I promise, I will let you know our classification.

To confirm the promise, I must add that I kept dancing there quite often – staying in the middle of Portugal it is the best place to gather all competitors, and my classifications change from 1st to 4th.

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