El Rompido

El Rompido – 1 quick visit in winter


To see El Rompido beach

Just passing by

A few kilometers apart from Cartaya, the small village of El Rompido lives from fishing and beach in summer.

A few, modest restaurants border the ria, waiting for the dwellers that, in summer, multiply by four the total population.

​The beach seems very safe for children.

Just passing by

We’ve been there in winter, so we couldn’t get a clear idea about the beach in summer, however, we could see that the beach stays almost one kilometer from the open sea, sheltered by a long and large bank of sand.

The water is obviously calm (maybe hot),ideal for children, and the long protected natural marina full of small boats.

​It seems to be a calm place, good for families with small children.


Just passing by

Inland, but nor far from the beach, there’s a lighthouse built in 1861, that was later replaced by a higher one, close to it.

The curiosity is that both of them are standing there, though only the new one working.

​The old one may be visited, contacting the local library.

​Good for seafood ?


We didn’t eat outside the hotel, but the several restaurants by the seaside were an invitation, and a promise of fresh seafood.

​Maybe next time, if it there will be one!

The church

Just passing by

Positive impression Precise Resort El Rompido

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El Rompido - 1 quick visit in winter

Good in winter

It is always hard to evaluate in winter a hotel built expressly for summer dwellers. The outside of the hotel was dirty, though the gardens and pool were well maintained. The rooms are very good and clean, the food was also very good.

Maybe five stars will be too much to classify it, but we paid a reasonable price for a four stars, so I have nothing to complaint.It has the best location to the Golf Club.

Precise Resort El Rompido
Cartaya – Precise Resort El Rompido

Golf and more

We stayed there two nights and everything suited our expectations. The hotel is good, the party was great, and all services functioned perfectly, despite the exceptionally high movement and uncommon hours.

​It is not cheap, and, standing more than one one kilometer far from the beach, golf will probably be its main attraction, but that… we didn’t check it – Seville was only minutes away!

Address: Crta. Cartaya-El Rompido, Cartaya, 21459, es

Phone: +34 959 02 43 20

Website: Precise Resort El Rompido

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