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El Algar – 2 cool visits


To see Fuentes de El Algar

This place was, in the nineties, a nice spot where s few group of people, including my two sons, could enjoy a small fall of fresh water.

​It was, in 2017, a nice wider spot, where hundreds of people, including my two grandsons, disputed the access to the chilled waters in a broad area around the old falls.

Undoubtedly, the space has been carefully crafted, respecting a natural appearance, creating more sheds where you can enter the water, all landscaped with undeniable taste.

​Still a good alternative to the routines in the beach, with improved beauty.



Differences over more than 20 years between visits were not limited to embellishing the fountain. The exterior of an advertised Dino Park, near the falls, excited the children, but we didn’t visit it because we had recently been in the very large and rich Portuguese Dino Parque, in Lourinhã.

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