Edfu – a good 2 hours break in the cruise


Visiting Edfu – a stop in the Nile cruise

To see The best preserved temple of Egypt stays in Edfu, in the Nile cruise itinerary, and it is a mandatory stop and visit to all ships. 

At the harbor hundreds of horse-drawn carriages grab the visitors and hurry to the temple. It surely deserves the visit, but after Luxor, the best is really the agitation and effervescence in the harbor. Good to break the peaceful hours of the cruise.

Horus Temple

Visiting Edfu
Horus Temple

Started in the 3rd century BC, this is referred as the greatest and the best preserved temple in Egypt. 

Be prepared for long explanations by the guides, since the details are, here, easier to see and to understand (and the cooler inside helps a lot). 

After the hustle of the short trip to the monument, it’s nice to see carefully what, in the other monuments, the burning sun “forbid” us to see.

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