Dublin – 2 nights and a full day


To see Dublin

The Irish are a lively and communicative people, and help foreigners to feel well in their country. Maybe this is a risky opinion, constructed in a very short visit, but, it was what I felt there. Each side of the river has its own look and personality, but everywhere you may find reasons to stop and have a closer look. And the commercial area didn’t motivate only the women…

Said to exist since the XI century, the Christ church cathedral, has been restored in the XIX century, (with a whisky distiller’s money), showing today a Victorian aspect.

Temple bar


The heart of town

Music, beer and joy. No matter the ages, sex or culture, life pulses in Temple bar, where people converge naturally. It was funny, and the lunch at Oliver St John Gogarty was good, but I must admit that our best night and our best meal they both happened in different places, somewhere else in Dublin.

Address: Temple Bar

Directions: Off Dame Street

​Website: Temple bar

​Trinity College


Tradition and quality

I can’t tell you about the studying quality in Trinity College, but the quiet ambiance calls to reflection and concentration.

The campus is well conceived and harmoniously balanced, and the library invites us in. Rather British, indeed!

Address: College Street, Dublin 2

Website: Trinity

​City Centre


The largest (and longest) avenue in Dublin has a long and rich history, since its creation in the 18th century.

After being neglected for some years, it was recently recovered, and shows today a wide and clean look, with several classical buildings and statues along its 500 meters.

​​Christ church


Initially built in 1038, the cathedral suffered several transformations until the Victorian period when they decided to restore it following its medieval characteristics. Mixing some original details with pastiche, it keeps being a good example of medieval religious architecture.

Address: Lord Edward Street, Dublin 2

​Grafton street

Dublin - 2 nights and a full day

F​ernanda’s favorite

Grafton street is the most commercial street of Dublin.

Closed to traffic, you may find there… the usual!

​All the great brands that are taking control of the world, and all locals and visitors in a constant parade.

Website: Grafton

​James Joyce

Dublin - 2 nights and a full day

Do you know who did we meet in Grafton street?

James Joyce, would you believe?

He didn’t accept any kind of conversation, but didn’t refuse a picture.

​Not bad, but I do prefer his words to his image.

Website: Grafton

​​Molly Malone

Dublin - 2 nights and a full day

I love Molly Malone! ​No, I’m not exactly talking about the lady. As a matter of fact, we really don’t know who she was – a fishmonger, a prostitute, or just a name.

I was talking about the song with her name, which is one of the best melodies to listen in front of a Guinness mug (I don’t drink beer, but in Dublin I forgot it, of course). Imagine my satisfaction when I met her in a street. She looks healthy, generous, and a music lover like me.

Address: We met her in Suffolk Street but it seems she is moving in 2017

I recommend Nancy Hands – My best meal in Ireland

In my previous readings, Nancy Hands is always referred as Pub, and it is, but it also serves excellent meals.

Eat and sleep in Dublin
Eat and sleep in Dublin

The decoration has good taste and is welcoming, the service is nice, the ambience is soft and familiar, and the food is perfect. After all, the prices are correct. I have no reasons to complaint about Irish food, but this was my best experience there.

A perfect dinner, by the river.

Address: Parkgate Street

Phone: +353 (0)1 677 0149
Website: Nancy Hands

I recommend Arlington – Dining with live music

We were in another hotel, but went to Arlington when we saw at the door the advertising of live music and dance (we didn’t know it, it could have been our best option to eat and sleep in Dublin).

Night in Dublin
Eat and sleep in Dublin

That was our main purpose, and I must say that, for a reasonable price, we passed a so amused night, with good music and folk dancing, that I don’t remember the food.

That is good. The beer (“mandatory” in Dublin, even for me, that usually don’t appreciate it), tasted good.

Address: 23-25 Bachelors Walk, O’Connell Bridge, Dublin 1

Phone: +353 (0)1 804 9100

Website: Arlington

Eat and sleep in Dublin

Ashling hotel
Ashling hotel

I recommend Ashling hotel – Perfect Location

Ashling was a wise solution. I needed to go to Waterford leaving Heuston station at 7.00 AM. Searching internet for a hotel close to the station, I found this hotel, and took the chance. It was perfect. It stands just across the road from the station, the service was simple as we needed, and at an affordable price. A little bit outside the center of town, but you can’t be in two places at the same time, and public transport is good. And, for a quick visit, you have also the Guinness factory across the river.

Address: Parkgate Street, Dublin null

Phone: +353 1 677 2324

Website: Ashling hotel


Dublin 37
Dublin 37

Top of the top

Dublin is one of the places in the world with the liveliest nightlife.

Temple Bar is an area where the bars and restaurants are side by side, the choice becoming very difficult.

We wanted live music, and that narrows the options.

A little bit… only a little bit!

Arlington – Live music and dance

Dublin 37 1
Dublin 37 1

It was nice, the couple of hours spent in this large bar, listening to popular music and seeing folk dancing, in the company of a Guinness. Not expensive, maybe a little… touristy, but it was exactly what we had in mind when we decided to enter.

Directions: It located right off Merrion Square on Lower Mount Street, just follow the neon glow.

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