Dortmund – 2 visits long ago


No, it is not a must see in Germany!

However, Dortmund is my best know town in Germany, and I didn’t dislike the several days I spent there.

Shopping, the park, the surroundings, well… not much indeed, but, in Dortmund, they don’t care much about tourists – working is the rule.

​I think!

​Westfallen Park


This very beautiful, large and calm park, around Florian TV tower, is a relaxing place, including a botanical garden and a zoo.

Cultural events take place sometimes in a stage by the lake.

​Florian Tower


The highest point of Dortmund, more than 200 meter high, the TV tower is a good sightseeing point, and a different place to have a drink in its rotating restaurant at the top.

​The speed of the elevator its a strong sensation, easy to feel when it starts.​


​For a summer night


Beer, football, beer. What else in Dortmund, besides work?

Well I had the luck of a pleasant night in the park, with a musical show in the beautiful stage by the lake. It’s very interesting, watching the performance and feeling the touch of nature all around you.

​I don’t know where to find the scheduling of the performances, and, if it is available anywhere it will be in… German, which means… useless to most of us.

Mohne Lake

Mohne lake

Not far from town, a pleasant place away from the concrete and the busy streets, this dam creates a lake very attractive to water sports or just only a picnic.


Enrichenburg lift

This interesting elevator, inaugurated in 1899, was able to move boats of up to 350 tons, with a height differential of 14 meters.

Overtaken by new technologies, it is no longer used and is now part of an industrial museum.

Bar2 Florian tower

Bar in the air
Bar in the air

Obviously this is not the best restaurant in Dortmund, nor the cheaper, but it’s different.

​You may sit and have your drink or meal, while the city is passing before you, in a constant and gentle rotation.

Address: Westfalen park

Black walls


The strongest impression caught in my first visit to Dortmund was the black color of many buildings.

I know that coal was dominant in the old times, but for someone used to the white dominance in our Mediterranean houses, it was almost a shock.

​Interesting the contrast with the “always” white curtains in all windows.



I don’t know if what I saw in Dortmund is common elsewhere, but not in Portugal. The local municipality has some terrains outside town, that rents in very small fractions to agricultural… amusement. My sister-in-law had one, and the pleasure of her husband showing each growing bean or carrot was remarkable. 

​The small properties are prepared ( by the renters) for a day out, with a barbecue with friends or an afternoon laying in the lawn.A clever way to fill the free time!

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