Covão de Ametade



Município square in Covilhã

Covilhã 1
Covilhã 1

Located right in the heart of the city, Praça do Município is so named because it houses the town hall. It is embellished by several statues, and by the restored Misericórdia church, which began to be built in the 17th century.

N. S. Fátima church

Covilhã 2
N. S. Fátima

Relatively modern church, built in 1947 near the university, this church has Mannerist features as it tried to replicate an old chapel previously existing on the site, dedicated to Senhor da Ribeira.

Hotel2 Covilhã Jardim


I stayed only one night at this hotel, quite some time ago, and I remember a very satisfactory service for the price and an excellent location.
It was the perfect solution for a night when I wanted to arrive, sleep and leave after a good breakfast.

Site: Hotel

Covão de Ametade

Img 20190610 171126
Img 20190610 171126

The biggest tourist attraction in the city is, without a doubt, the Serra da Estrela on whose slope it is located. One of the beautiful spots in the mountains, preferably accessed from Covilhã, is Covão da Ametade, officially belonging to the municipality of Loriga (twice the distance).
It is a pleasant park, the perfect place to relax in nature or have a picnic.

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